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In a world where crime statistics are on the rise and criminals are becoming more brazen, intelligent physical security infrastructure is more important than ever to protect your assets, human and technological.


For vigilant home and business owners, Itec offers a complete, professional-grade “Easy IP” video surveillance system that connects you to your entire property and gives you reassurance that it is safeguarded. This HD solution is easy to install, easy to connect, easy to store, and easy to view — allowing you to experience the true benefits and value that IP surveillance has to offer.




– Around-the-clock safety for customers and employees

– Improve vehicle access management

– Collect reliable footage for post-investigation

– Manage all the branches effectively and easily

– Increase transaction safety and customer satisfaction




Itec strives to share the benefit of highly developed bio-metric technology in the mass commercial market in a cost-effective method to ensure efficient usage of bio-metric technology.


Smart technology that’s simple to operate enables you to manage who enters your premises when, who goes where and who goes nowhere.


– Risk of a security breach is reduced

– Seeing who is coming and going

– More control over where employees are going

– Integrate with other security products

– Easy access remotely from any computer on the network




Keep track of employee working hours, more efficiently, save time and intern save money. Easy to use and adds tremendous value to your company in accurately recording hours worked, so that you may pay the correct amount of wages.


With our remote or recorded environment monitoring offerings, you can keep an eye on your operations 24/7 – both onsite and remotely.


– Up-to-date, easy to access schedulingt

– Easy integration between payroll software

– HR department can become more efficient

– Save time with the right software

– Keeps employees accountable for their work